How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks

October 26, 2018 0 Comments

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.

Have you ever woke up to a baby crying because of a diaper leak that has left them wet and cold? If you have a child still sleeping in diapers then I’m sure you have. I know I’ve been in that exact situation many times before – more times than I can count.

Now, let’s talk mamas! What’s worse than having to comfort a crying baby during the middle of the night? Having to change bedsheets too, am I right?!

Co-sleeping has made these nights even more challenging. Many times I’d wake up before my son because I’ve rolled into a wet patch on my bed (yup, another diaper leak – not fun.) I not only had to get up and change my sons diaper and clothes – but I’d have to change mine as well, and wake up my husband so that I could change the bed sheets.

Point is, during these nights, we all experienced disrupted sleep by having to wake up and and get out of bed. Unfortunately this was happening quite too often because my son was sleeping long stretches at night. I had to find a solution because it was affecting our sleep and energy levels the next day.

I tried different solutions, from switching to different diaper brands to even doubling diapers at night (which may I add, gets expensive and is awfully wasteful). Despite my efforts, nothing I tried at home worked; not until I found Sposie Diaper Booster Pads.

These pads were a life saver! They hold a lot of liquid turning any diaper into an overnight diaper which is a great solution for heavy wetters (which my son is since he sleeps between 12-14 hours every night!)

As a mom that emphasizes on using products that are safe for my son, it is also reassuring to know these pads are fragrance, latex, and chlorine free – they’re also made right here, in the U.S.A.

How do I stop Overnight Diaper Leaks?

Step One: Purchase Sposie Booster Pads

Ever since I discovered the Sposie Booster Pads, I’ve made sure I have them on hand at all times. If you know me well, you know I’m a huge amazon shopper. I was so glad to know these pads are available on Amazon (with a rating of 5 stars) and I could have them shipped to my door within two days of purchase. This way I know I can get them quickly if I ever run out. Sometimes I even grab a pack or two while I’m out shopping at my favorite department stores – Walmart or Target – which they’re available at in both as well. Click here to find retailers near you carrying this product.

Step Two: Insert Sposie Booster Pads inside Diaper

The next step in ensuring your child’s diaper won’t leak at night is to insert the pads directly into the diaper right before their bedtime. Since Sposie Booster Pads are designed to work with all brands, I never have to worry about which brand diaper I’m using at the time. They also extend the life of your child’s diaper by increasing its absorbency by a full cup of fluid. How amazing is that!?

These pads work great for both girls and boys. I usually adjust the pad and pull it a little to the front for my baby boy. This helps keep him protected all night long. The pad can be kept right in the middle of the diaper for a girl and it’ll provide the same amount of protection!

Step Three: Enjoy a Diaper Leak Free Night

The next step is for you and your baby to sleep through the night without experiencing those dreadful diaper leaks. Sposie boosters wick away moisture from your baby’s skin and create a stay-dry barrier to reduce diaper rash and irritation. When purchasing these pads, this factor was an important one to me because my son has had a few diaper rashes and they’re no fun. I wanted to make sure these wouldn’t irritate his skin and after using them for a period of time, its safe to say they don’t bother his skin at all. Once you remove the diaper and pad the next morning, you’ll see just how much more liquid it has absorbed through the night. Trust me, it’s impressive!

I’ll also let you in on a little tip; I don’t only use these during his bedtime, but I’ve used them if we’ve gone out for a longer period of time or when we’re travelling and they’ve come in so handy. Now tell me, wouldn’t you want to avoid nights changing bed sheets, clothing, and comforting a baby back to sleep? I know I once did and I’m glad to say those days are behind me.

Putting my son to bed has never felt easier!

Mama Malak